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[Admin] Zeuly
Posté le : 22/05/2020 à 14:35:04
Bonjour !

Aujourd'hui le 22/05/2020 nous venons de mettre à jour le mod Pixelmon Reforged !

Voici les ajouts/changements ! Navré que ce changelog soit en anglais, je l'ai pris sur le site officiel du mod Pixelmon Reforged

Ajouts :

- Added Wishiwashi's School form and relevant logic.
- Added Zygarde forms and the reassembly machine. You will need a special item to catch well-hidden Zygarde cells throughout the world!
- Added new functionality to the Old Rod! Have an old fisherman assess your Old Rod and Jump! at the opportunity to try it out!
- Added Pokédex generation options.
- Added 9 new berries to the forageable items list.
- Added infusion recipes for all 9 Incense held items.
- Added tab completion to most GUIs that take Pokémon names, move names or item names as text input.
- Added rainbow variants of Ho-Oh, Ponyta, and Rapidash. You can obtain them by using a Rainbow Wing on them!
- Added the Ilex Shrine. Celebi can be found here if you know the way!
- Added storage blocks for Silicon and Aluminium.
- Added crafting recipes for the Pokésand variants.
- Added the other core colors for Minior.
- Added a "bald" version of Mareep to indicate if it has been sheared. With this, you can now dye and shear Mareep once again!
- Added Custom Texture Spec.
- Added Real Solgaleo.
- Added Rayquaza Alter.
- Added Kecleon Alter.
- Added Zoroark....Alter. This was a joke that went too far. I'm so sorry.
- Added Pyukumuku Sushi. Less sorry.
- Added Summer Lopunny and Raichu-Alola.
- Added Crystal Onix, Steelix and Mega Steelix.
- Added Pink Beedrill, Butterfree, Misdreavus, Mismagius, Nidoking, Nidoqueen, Venomoth, Venonat.
- Added Alien Celebi.
- Added Zombie Arcanine, Ditto, Mega Blastoise, Mega Charizard X and Y, Mega Venasaur, Ash Greninja, Mega Gyarados, Samurott.
- Added new decorative blocks. These include the Cash Register, Workstations, Armchairs, Couches, Park Benches, a Big TV and a Small TV. Some of these are dyeable.

Changes :

- Increased the spawn chance for Meltan slightly, and lowered some of its requirements.
- Added a confirmation screen when attempting to delete an NPC by smacking them with the Editor wand. Also allowed smacking to delete all Pixelmon NPCs for consistency.
- Added the Type and CustomTexture Specs. (Thanks, Flashback083!)
- We now mark the player as active on some battle actions to fix being kicked as 'AFK' on servers with AFK kicking enabled.
- You can now select your sash via /redeem if you have multiple.
- Pixelmon tooltips can be customized on individual item stacks with the "tooltip" NBT tag. Set it to an empty string to hide it altogether.
- Added fallback texture to resource pack NPC skins.
- The allowMoneyMultipliers config option has been split up in to multiple options for Happy Hour, Pay Day, and Amulet Coin.
- Updated Shadow Lugia to a new texture, oops. Blame Klaxo.
- Updated animations for Excadrill, Sableye and Araquanid.

Fixes :

- Fixed a timeout issue during battles caused by a lack of packets being sent from the client.
- Fixed not being able to pick Bulbasaur (or any other Pokémon in the first menu slot) as your starter.
- Fixed a null pointer crash from rendering sprites.
- Fixed Pokédex not displaying the shiny/form texture changing arrows.
- Fixed a few brewing recipes that had incorrect berries as inputs.
- Fixed an issue with automatically disabling the forcedUnicode option.
- Fixed a crash from gaining XP during battle.
- Fixed Pokédex asset sizing and positioning to make it look as intended.
- Fixed Thunder Stone tools lowering the enchant level of efficiency.
- Fixed Lake Trio Rubies checking for original trainer only by name causing them to not work if a player had changed their name.
- Fixed an unfortunate error where planting a berry tree on the same block a chest occupied cleared the inventory. Who even does that?
- Battle Fix: Fixed Gear Up triggering twice on all allies.
- [7.3.1] Remove PARSE_ESCAPES as its breaking formatting targets.
- [7.3.1] Change scale of couch and armchair slightly.
- [7.3.1] Fixed schooling form not reverting to solo (Wishiwashi).

Spawning :

- Spawning changes are too hefty to be listed here, so you can instead view them on the wiki here: View Spawning Wiki page

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